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May 17 2018

Welcome to HIMS Tanzania, hims program.#Hims #program


hims program

A society which is physically, psychologically, spiritually and socio-economically healthy.

To change disparate gender relations and to end the contempt for groups who have been especially hurt by supporting these people and strengthening their health by providing safe care, by encouraging them as an equal participant in decision-making bodies to be more strongly aware of the aspects of their well-being.

– strengthening marginalised groups socio-economically, in particular, with regard to equality of the sexes and nurture of the developmental process leading toward this goal.

– organization of meetings, seminars, discussions and workshops with a multiplicator effect

– making easily accessible medical care available to the target groups

HIMS has a competent honorary management team which is characterised by its willingness to act. It comprises of 25 workers / employees with different abilities and capacities.

Various projects are carried out with the support of the management team.

Till now, HIMS has been financially supported by external sponsors in the various projects.

HIMS’ aim is to ensure the reinforcement of the ability of marginalised groups to develop their economic, mental and social potential, thereby shaping and enjoying their lives in a productive and sustainable manner.

– love and respect

– team spirit and team work

– transparency and accountability

– legal and medical consulting

– providing loans for destitute young people and mothers

– strengthening of marginalised groups by providing perspective for emancipation and equality

A community of marginalised people who are aware of the resources available to them and who use these resources optimally in order to reduce poverty and to abolish effectively abolish poverty as part of the national strategy.

Health centres, pre-natal and maternity wards as well as medical consulting

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