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May 16 2018

Web Time Clock by ITCS-WebClock Workforce Management Software, mobile time clock software.#Mobile #time #clock #software


Mobile time clock software

Mobile time clock software

Time and Attendance Software


Automated Workforce Management

Time and Attendance in the Cloud

ITCS-WebClock is a global provider of cloud-based workforce management solutions helping thousands of companies streamline their processes for almost a quarter of a century.

Using the web-time clock software, ITCS-WebClock tracks your employees in real time, allowing managers a secure access to their data from anywhere in the world.

With ITCS-WebClock you can now:

– Use your tablet, iPad or smartphone for easy mobile access.

– Integrate biometric and badge readers.

– Process payroll accurately in minutes.

– Customize processes for efficiency improvement, workflow streamlining and costs reduction.

– Integrate employee time tracking with your current Payroll Provider, HRO, PEO, or ASO for fast and easy payroll.

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Mobile time clock software

ITCS-WebClock Advantage

Why conform your business practices to OTHERS’ software rules? At ITCS-WebClock, we conform to YOUR needs and quickly create custom programs and functions to give YOU further automation possibilities inside our core product; it’s the way we built it. Our differentiator: We make streamlining your business processes easy, affordable, powerful, trusted, fast and customizable. Our SASE16 compliance ensures secure and accurate development to meet your customization needs.

Time and Attendance

WebClock SaaS: no more software installation needed. Simply run WebClock from your browser. Use our Web-Based Time Clock module to track employees clock in and out in real time. Administrators can broadcast company-wide messages through our web-based time clock interface.

PEO and Payroll Integration

With WebClock you can now:

– Improve compliance and accuracy with our automated processing module.

– Cut payroll waste by streamlining and automating employee time tracking processes.

– Interface with YOUR payroll and/or PEO service provider.

Mobile time clock software

Absence Management

Check vacation balances, time off accruals and employees time off requests through our Web Time Clock. Send email notifications to employees and managers and approve requests using your tablet, iPad, smartphone or PC via our Web Time Clock module.

Mobile time clock software

Project / Job Costing

Track projects and jobs in real time through our ITCS-WebClock web-based time and attendance software. Easily assign employee time tracking information to codes for GL (geo location), Job, Client, and Task.

Mobile time clock software

Expense Management

Collect and accurately track mileages, bonuses, commissions, etc. through our Web Time Clock module. Employees, managers and administration personnel can easily log the information using their tablets, iPads, smartphones or PC’s.

Mobile time clock software

Employee Scheduling

Set up and display employees schedules to the coverage you need. Track time-to-schedule in real time. Create calendar view format and export to PDF.

Mobile time clock software

Data Collections

Mix and match our Web Time Clock employee time collection devices and platforms to accurately track employees in real time. Choose from Time Clocks, Smart Phones and Tablets, Hand and Finger Reader Time Clocks, Badge Time Clocks, Proximity Cards Time Clocks, and more.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“I first began using them a year and a half ago for a medical transcription payroll that consisted of 1,200 employees and has now swelled to over 4,000 employees with huge success. In fact, it has been such a positive experience that we have rolled out Webclock to our German payroll for tracking their flex time and vacation time, which includes calculating their scheduled hours vs. worked hours. I can tell you the folks in Germany are a very tough group and their Works Councils are much like unions, which we have had to accommodate. We have succeeded and are now moving on to Switzerland.”

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