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Mar 13 2018

Erie, PA Family and Cosmetic Dentist – Modern Dental Group

#dentist, #find #dentist, #dental #implants, #porcelain #veneers, #dental #whitening, #cosmetic #dentist, #family #dentist # Erie, PA Family and Cosmetic Dentist Dentist Erie, PA – Modern Dental Group The doctors of Modern Dental Group have been at their same location since 1986. In those years, they have continually kept current with the advances in the latest dental technology. The most recent update was the introduction of digital x-rays. This technology provides the doctors with information that goes beyond the traditional x-rays, in addition to providing high quality imaging with greatly reduced radiation exposure. Each operatory in our office is equipped with …

Sep 29 2017

Dentist Smyrna GA, Cosmetic Dental Implants, (770) 435-5450 #dentist #smyrna #ga, #cosmetic #dentist, #dental #implants,

# Welcome to the practice of Dr. Robin Reich, Dr. Kristin Cooney, and Dr. Lauren Hughes at Reich Dental Center, Smyrna, GA! What do you look for in a dentist? What do you think makes a dental office great? At Reich Dental Center, we believe it’s a whole lot of little things. Like knowing your name. Never expecting you to wait. And empowering you with knowledge to make the right dental decisions. These things and many more have helped us to create one big, loyal family of patients and staff that we’re quite proud of. There’s no big secret to …

Aug 5 2017

Teeth Whitening Huddersfield #cosmetic #dentistry #teeth #whitening

# Teeth whitening A simple cosmetic procedure which can take years off your appearance! Many things can cause your teeth to yellow or discolour over the years. These include smoking, drinking tea, coffee or wine… or just the passage of time. Fortunately, there’s plenty we can do about it. Due to recent technical advances, tooth whitening has become a highly successful and increasingly popular cosmetic dentistry treatment. Here at Lindley Dental Centre we’re delighted to be able to offer our patients professionally supervised tooth whitening. Although teeth themselves whiten well, you should remember that any fillings or crowns will remain …