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Oct 1 2017

SP-008: Public Web Server Pattern #web #server #costs, #public #web #server #security #pattern #risk #compliance


SP-008: Public Web Server Pattern

  • RIA web application can built with any front end technology like AJAX, Java, Silverlight or FLEX/FLASH
  • End user authentication can be strong (with physical token based OTP, SMS based OTP, or iTAN list) or just UID/PW (enhanced with SRP, or Digest)
  • Web application state should not be stored on the client but only a pointer to the server side stored storage should be passed (encrypted) out to the client, for example as a cookie or as POST parameter
  • All input validation that is done on the client needs to be redone on the server
  • Malicious entities try to exploit software bugs in the Web server
  • Denial of service (DoS) attacks may be directed to the Web server
  • Compromises through command injection attacks
  • The server may be used as a distribution point for attack tools, pornography, or illegally copied software.
  • Man in the browser attacks
  • Phising attacks
  • Misconfigurations

Resistance against threats:

  • Compromises through command injection attacks
  • Compromises through XSS attacks
  • Compromises through buffer overflow attacks
  • Compromises through access control violations
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