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Mar 14 2018

Sharp pain on left side near belly button, Undiagnosed Abdominal Pain discussions, Body – Health


sharp pain on left side near belly button

Pain to right of belly button

Natalia3856 over a year ago

Have you maybe eaten something that didn’t do you good and is making you troubles in your stomach? Well, since the pain you feel is sharp, I guess it has nothing to do with food poisoning or anything similar, this condition would be accompanied with vomiting and even high temperature. I would also suggest you asked your doc if this could be a diverticulistis, as its symptom is the abdominal pain, you could feel tenderness around the left side of the lower abdomen. This condition can cause more serious complications so it requires a proper and immediate treatment!

i had a cat scan xrays all kinds of things not only for this, and it was all normal. but i do also have bowl problems and supposedly Endometriosis, so i have daily pains in my pelvic area, but i don’t know how that’d have anything to do with pains by my belly button. nobody knows what’s wrong with me, siggghh. 🙁

mine only started about a week ago though.

i felt like i had acid in my stomach for 2 days. and then it went away

and now i have small stabbing pains on the left hand side of my belly button. anyone been to the doctor and found out what it was yet?

I’m female and post menopausal. no HRT.

every doctor has told me that it is probably just “gas” or “spastic colon”. no one has ever come up w/ a solution and it’s scary to me!!

like everyone else- please someone respond if they have any clue what’s going on.

ilene0684566 over a year ago

nietokv86381 over a year ago

My daughter has the same thing. It has been on and off for years but much more frequent lately.

No findings on CBC and Ultrasound. At first I thought it was appendicitis but the doctor said it would reflect on my CBC. The pain occurred on different areas of the abdomen, comes and goes, sometimes dull sometimes sharp, sometimes lower right navel, sometimes left, sometimes at the back, but most of the time near the belly button. Everything about me is normal so the doctor said I may be a gas bubble circulating within my intestine. He gave me Omeprazole and antiflatulent for my medication for 2 weeks. I’m on my 2nd week now but the pain is still there though occurring less. Anyway I’m gonna see my doctor again if after the meds if I still feel pain.

mamasitagarcia over a year ago

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