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May 18 2018

Portland Criminal Defense Attorney

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Innocent? Guilty but scant evidence?
Guilty with undeniable evidence?

You need an experienced attorney to help with strategic decisions.
You have the right to speak to an attorney before making statements to the police.
Otherwise, you have a right to remain silent.

Portland Oregon Criminal Defense Atttorney, Jennie Clark, accepts Misdemeanor and Major Felony cases, including measure 11 cases, in Portland, Oregon and vicinity, including Multnomah County, Clackamas County, Columbia County and Washington County.
She also accepts criminal defense cases in Clark County, Washington.

Innocent: If you are innocent you need an experienced trial attorney to take your case to trial and properly prepare your case. If you are truly innocent and a victim of an arrest without probable cause or excessive use of force, it is important that your criminal defense attorney preserve your civil Oregon state law claims against the police within 180 days. I also handle Oregon civil police misconduct cases. If you call for a consultation, I can give you an estimate of the expected legal fees.
Guilty but Scant Evidence: Sometimes, you might be guilty but the State of Oregon may have difficulty proving your case with admissible evidence. Sometimes, motions to suppress may be used to keep facts out of evidence, which would mean that the State would be unable to prove their case against you.
Guilty: For those who are guilty, I still need to verify that the State of Oregon has enough evidence to convict you. Assuming the State has sufficient evidence for a conviction, I offer reasonable rates to negotiate a guilty plea.

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