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Sep 18 2018

Mn Counseling And Couples Center – Couples Counseling, Marriage Counseling, Marriage Problems, counseling careers.#Counseling #careers

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Minnesota Counseling and Couples Center for

Marriage, Couples Relationship Counseling

Minnesota Counseling and Couples Center specializes in Marriage and Couples Therapy, Individual Counseling, Relationship Counseling and Sex/Intimacy Therapy. We work with Couples, Individuals and Families from all stages of life, various backgrounds and experiences.

Our therapists have years of clinical experience and specialized expertise. It is our goal to provide the best, most effective therapy, to meet your specific needs and to help you work through your personal or relationship concerns.

We specialize in healing and strengthening relationships, whether that means working from an interpersonal perspective to better one’s self or working together within the couple or family unit. We are pro-marriage/ pro-commitment therapists, which means we honor and support your commitment to your marriage/partnership, as we work towards healthy, sustainable changes.

We address: infidelity/affairs, communication issues, high conflict couples, emotional distance, sex/intimacy concerns, chemical dependency, sex, porn and other addictions, anxiety, depression, family/parenting issues and reunification, traumatic experiences/PTSD; all the difficulties and struggles preventing you from experiencing the happiness and wellness you deserve.

Give us a call. ​ Let’s begin to rebuild and revive your relationship today!

Why Minnesota Counseling and Couples Center

We understand that you have many options. You deserve the very best therapy to help you through your challenges and concerns. In addition to the wide selection of services we offer, we now have on-line therapy as an alternative to the traditional in-office therapy, to make it easier for you to get the help you are seeking.

Our excellence begins with:

Experience: The therapists at MNCCC have dedicated their careers to helping couples, families and individuals better their relationships. Many of our clientele are seeking help to address relationship problems within their marriage, primary partnership, family/extended family, or any other important relationship. We have the experience you can trust.

Expertise: Our expertise comes through years of experience, education, ongoing research study, advanced certifications and team consultations. Our areas of practice are highly specialized, not your common, run-of-the-mill therapy issues. Don’t seek help from a generalist when you need a specialist, who knows and understands relationships, and can give you the results your seeking.

Education: A lot of research has gone into understanding the complexities of relationships and what works in therapy. At MNCCC our therapists are required to have advanced training and education, beyond their masters education, to provide you with the most effective, research validated therapy approaches and treatment modalities available.

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