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Jul 14 2017

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Military-friendly policies

State Laws

Minnesota state statutes for veterans and service members inform the policymaking for Minnesota State Colleges and Universities. The statutes of most interest to veterans and service members are as follows:

Minnesota Higher Education Veterans Assistance Program
Minnesota State Statute 197.585 directs the Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs and Minnesota s public colleges and universities to collaborate on establishing the Higher Education Veterans Program.

Minnesota State Higher Education Fairness
Minnesota State Statute 197.775 guides all Minnesota State Colleges and Universities in developing veteran- and military-friendly policies on courses, tuition rates and delayed payments.

Minnesota State Higher Education Fairness
Minnesota State Statute 195.502 specifies the minimum protections that public colleges and universities must provide to active duty military and veterans with a service-connected disability or related medical treatment when course participation is disrupted. These individuals may: (1) Withdraw and have tuition refunded, request an incomplete and finish coursework through independent study or by re-enrolling at a future date at no charge, or receive a grade of C or better if warranted by coursework completed prior to departure. (2) Receive a refund for room, board and fees while absent and attending to active duty or service-connected disabilities. (3) Re-admit and re-enroll in good standing without penalty when proper documentation is provided.

The following veteran- and service member-friendly policies reflect spirit of the Beyond the Yellow Ribbon Corporate Status awarded to Minnesota State and its Servicemember Opportunity College campuses.

Application fee waiver (PDF)
The application fee waiver memorandum directs member institutions to waive application fees for active duty military service members deployed overseas. Many institutions will also waive application fees for veterans; check with your campus of interest for more information.

Call to active duty policy
Special provisions are available to military personnel called to active duty while attending college. Options include: (1) Full refund of tuition; (2) grade of incomplete with opportunity to complete coursework through independent study or by retaking the course at no charge; or (3) grade of C or better if warranted by coursework completed prior to departure.

Deferral policy for tuition, fees, and books
Consistent with Minnesota State Statute 197.775. students who are eligible and have applied for but not yet received veterans benefits are exempt from being charged a late fee. The law says: A state college or university may not assess late fees or other late charges for veterans who are eligible to receive federal or state educational assistance and who have applied for that assistance but not yet received it, nor may they prevent these students from registering for a subsequent term because of outstanding tuition charges that arise from delayed federal or state payments.

Credit for prior learning
Minnesota State Colleges and Universities will consider prior learning attained in non-credit or experiential settings such as the military. Credit will be awarded for prior learning that is assessed as college-level learning as it applies to your chosen program and degree.

In-state tuition rates
Active duty military in Minnesota, veterans, and their spouses and dependent children pay tuition at the Minnesota in-state resident rate.

Transfer credit for military education
Minnesota State Colleges and Universities considers academic credit earned at accredited public, private and military colleges and will award transfer credit when courses from the accredited provider apply to your chosen program and degree.

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