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Dec 23 2017

Miguel Najera

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Miguel Najera, Attorney at Law

One of San Antonio s most respected criminal defense attorneys, Miguel Najera, has earned a reputation for providing high quality, experienced representation to his clients. Repeatedly named one of San Antonio s Best Lawyers by Scene in S.A. Magazine. criminal defense attorney Miguel Najera has the knowledge gained from years of trial work.

A former state prosecutor, Miguel Najera has the know-how it takes to properly and aggressively fight for his client s rights. Whether a client is seeking a Federal criminal defense attorney for the Western District of Texas, or a Texas criminal defense attorney, Miguel Najera treats each case and each client with the attention and importance it deserves.

A veteran criminal trial litigator. Miguel Najera has successfully tried hundreds of cases. These cases range from felonies like murders, robberies, and white collar crimes to misdemeanor charges like DWI and simple drug possession. Miguel Najera wins cases, protects his client s constitutional rights, and has vast experience dealing with media coverage. He works hard to hear those words: NOT GUILTY.

If you have been arrested, or if you are under investigation for a crime, the best time to call him is right now. The stakes are too high you need a criminal defense lawyer who will fight hard and knows how to fight smart.

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