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Oct 26 2017

How To Pass A Blood Drug Test In 24 Hours – Always Test Clean #drug


How To Pass A Blood Drug Test.

What Is A Blood Drug Test?

The Basics Of How To Pass A Blood Drug Test. Blood drug tests detect the presence of the actual drug in your blood and not drug metabolites created by your body as in the urine drug test. A blood drug test is relatively rare and is very costly to for the tester to administer. The blood drug test must be given by a qualified individual in a controlled environment and be sent off to a laboratory for analysis and the final pass or fail result. It can not be judged on the spot and should take about a week to get the results.

A blood drug test takes a look at your bodies contamination at the point in time of your test only. The blood drug test is most often used to determine the presence of current health issues such as nicotine, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, cholesterol levels, hepatitis and other things of concerning overall health. A blood drug test allows a bit more flexibility in the types of specific tests and the drug detection levels of contaminates that show your level of usage.

IMPORTANT You Might Also Face A Urine Drug Test.

Most often the blood drug test by is ordered by insurance companies. The insurance company usually requires both a blood test and urine test to provide substantially different information about you, your health and your personal habits. Another application for blood drug testing with urine drug testing is in the area of legal confirmation or legal justification.

A Urine Drug Test is often used to determine use of illegal drugs, as well as prescription and over the counter medications that might provide an in-site into your health and personal habits. Urine testing can look at contamination over a longer period of time and typically does not show levels of use.

How To Pass A Blood Drug Test The Only 4 Ways.

There are just four basic strategies for how to pass a blood drug test. Your ability to pass a blood drug test will be based upon one of the four strategies below and just one of these four. Each strategy has its own unique risks and challenges to beat a blood drug test.

Based upon the fact you are here on this website, we can probably eliminate strategy 1 and 4 below. It is too late to avoid drugs all together and you do not have the time to let the drugs of concern clean out of your blood naturally. That leaves 1) Trusting Your Fate To Chance or 2) Going With The Proven Technology to pass your blood test.

The Only Four Ways To Pass A Blood Drug Test.

  1. Wait Until The Drugs Clear Naturally. Drugs in your blood usually clear out quickly and most are gone within a week. That is for the blood drug test. If you are also facing the urine drug test the drug detection times can be substantially longer and can run up to 6 weeks for say marijuana. CLICK HERE to see your blood drug detection times.
  2. Trust Your Fate To Luck Or Urban Legends.The tricks and techniques that once worked to help you pass a blood drug test no longer are reliable. Various urban legends, myths and tricks have been running around for years to beat a blood drug test. The blood drug tests and testing procedures have long ago been modified to counteract these strategies.
  1. Use Instant Clean with PreCleanse.This is the only sure way to pass a blood and urine drug test with a single product in the short-term. To be sure there are many blood detox products that are available and they are not all created equal. The combination of Instant Clean and PreCleanse are the industry leader that have evolved with the drug testing technology, it is not illegal to own or use and they have been used literally by hundreds of thousands of people to beat a blood drug test.
  2. Don t Do Drugs. This strategy to pass any drug test is obvious. But even this is always not enough. About 5% of all people fail their blood drug tests and are not guilty. This is called a false positive drug test. The real bad thing is you are not only judged guilty on the spot, but it is up to you to prove your innocence. Common prescriptions, over the counter medications and even foods can be wrongly identified as illegal drugs or other drugs of concern.

Window To Pass My Blood Drug Test? (also for urine drug test)

Instant Clean with PreCleanse provides a finite window in time where you can pass any blood or urine drug test. This window is called the Detoxification Zone and it starts 1 hour after you finish your Instant Clean program. This window lasts until the 5th hour. After the fifth hour contamination begins again of your blood and urine and you are no longer safe to pass a blood drug test.

Need More Time? You can extend your Detoxification Window by drinking (1) 16 oz glass of water one hour after you finished your Instant Clean Detoxification Program. But no longer than two 1 hour extensions are allowed.

urine drug test detection window is a finite window in which one must take the urine drug test. Instant Clean provides a window that starts 1 hour after you take the product and lasts until the 5th hour. After the fifth hour the contaminates start to again leach out of your fatty tissue and recontamination takes place. You must use Instant Clean at least one hour before your drug test and Instant Clean will not have maximum effectiveness after 5 hours.

Drug Detection Times In Blood.

The detection times in blood are based upon the detection of the contaminate itself and not the drug metabolite created by the body like in a urinalysis. In general, contaminates remain detectable in the blood for a shorter period of time than other screenings, usually about 1 3 days.

There are exceptions. One example is marijuana in blood, which in the case of longer term use or chronic use the detection period can extend to 7 days. Other longer term exceptions are for nicotine and some opiates.

Blood Drug Tests are available with various cut off levels increasing or decreasing your detection times. To be safe we do not propose the minimum time a drug can be detected with the least sensitive tests, we publish the maximum time a drug can be detected with the most sensitive tests. Since you rarely know the sensitivity level of the test you are facing, betting on the minimum time can get one into real trouble.

Drug Detection Times In Blood

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