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Mar 14 2018

Hire A Veteran, veteran for hire.#Veteran #for #hire

Hire A Veteran


Colorado Department of Labor & Employment’s Veteran Employment Specialists provide one-on-one assistance to eligible veterans and spouses seeking employment and help businesses thrive by matching the right candidate to a business’ current employment situation.

about us

Our Veterans Employment Specialists are part of the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment. We serve our fellow veterans by providing expertise in job and training opportunities. Our program began in 1980 and has a long and distinguished history of providing guidance to veterans with employment needs.


Our partnerships with local Workforce Centers allow any veteran who has served at least one day of active duty to receive additional support with their job search. Our Employment Specialist team provides intensive services to veterans and eligible spouses facing significant barriers to employment.

Veteran Services

CDLE’s Veteran Employment Specialists provide one-on-one assistance to eligible veterans and spouses seeking guidance in obtaining employment. Our team is dedicated to helping you understand and align your skillsets with available opportunities across the state. Our goal is to provide you with the information necessary to make confident career choices. All of this at no cost to you.


Let us be your one-on-one career coach. As fellow veterans, we know how to help. Our specialists know firsthand what businesses are looking for in a résumé, and the questions employers are likely to ask in an interview. We’ll guide you through:

  • RГ©sumГ© and cover letter writing
  • Interview tips and techniques
  • Translating military experience to civilian responsibilities
  • Identifying education, training and experience requirements
  • Navigating online job boards and career fair resources
  • Targeting your job search by industry, and more


In addition to assistance from one of our specialists, be sure to take advantage of our Colorado Workforce Center Services:

  • Workshops for resume preparation, interviewing techniques and job search
  • Training and grant programs like on-the-job training and more
  • Information on wage rates and employment trends
  • Vocational guidance and career counseling
  • Referrals to services within the community
  • Access to phone, internet, printer, fax and copy machines


Hiring candidates who fit your job needs can be difficult, but have you ever considered targeting your search to veterans? Veteran job seekers are frequently overlooked and underrepresented, but are often the strongest of candidates already highly specialized in the following areas:

Information Technology Accounting and Finance Construction Education Engineering Law Enforcement and Security Human Resources

Veteran for hire

Veteran for hire


The Work Opportunity Tax Credit is available when hiring qualified veterans and can reduce employer federal tax liability by as much as $2,400 to $9,600 per new hire.

Veteran for hire

Veteran for hire

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Our job candidate database, Connecting Colorado, has over 20,000 skilled veterans who are ready to work.

Veteran for hire

Veteran for hire

Our Services

Our Veterans Employment Specialists provide a wide spectrum of business services related to economic and employment development. Your local specialist and the network of Colorado Workforce Centers save you time and money by putting their expert knowledge to work to recruit, hire, and help your business thrive by matching the right candidate to your current employment situation. Our cost-free services include:

  • Virtual and in-person job fairs, information sessions, networking and hiring events
  • Results-driven advertising of openings on statewide job portal
  • Applicant screening and skills-matching with qualified candidates
  • Training Partnerships (specialized training to meet specific job requirements)
  • Federal contractor hiring guidelines and guidance through Colorado’s labor market

We’re dedicated to helping you understand your local labor market industry and find qualified candidates that fit your requirements. We review, screen and refer only the most qualified applicants to make the hiring process seamless and take your business to the next level.

Veteran for hire

Veteran for hire

Federal Bonding

A fidelity bond is provided to the employer free of charge and serves as an incentive to the company to hire a job applicant who is an ex-offender or has an at risk background in obtaining employment. It is a business insurance policy that protects the employer against financial loss due to theft, forgery, larceny or embezzlement caused by employee dishonesty.

The Federal Bonding Program assists a job applicant in overcoming barriers to employment. It is a 6-month fidelity bond for applicants who are denied coverage by commercial carriers due to their at risk background provided through a partnership between the US Department of Labor and the McLaughlin Company.


United Way Directory : Dial 211 from any phone O’NET OnLine: eBenefits: Chapter 31 Vocational Rehabilitation: 303-914-5550 Veteran Crisis Line: 1-800-273-8255, chat online at, or send a text to 838255 Unemployment Insurance Benefits: Free Legal Service: Veterans Resource Portal: National Resource Directory: Online career exploration tool: Career Transition and Professional Credentialing:

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Colorado Department of Labor Employment’s Employment Representatives throughout the state provide veterans with career guidance and employment services. Additionally, our Workforce Centers offer career assistance to all individuals who are eligible for veterans’ services.


Veteran for hire Veteran for hire

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