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Nov 30 2017

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5 Steps to Better Leadership Training Program

When individuals are motivated by the right leader, they drive themselves to excel.

The 5 Steps to Better Leadership Training program delivers concrete leadership tools that immediately elevate productivity while increasing employees respect and appreciation for your leaders and your firm.

This straightforward management and executive leadership training delivers immediate practical results. The 5 Steps develop weak managers into good leaders and good leaders into ones who more consistently excel.

Through this leadership training program, managers learn, retain and use a skill set that drives performance on the job and conveys an appreciation for achievement and enjoyment in their own and employees personal lives as well.

Productivity Plummets When People Are Not Happy With Their Boss

Management Executive Leadership Training To Address These Facts

1 Reason People Quit Their boss

50 of employees would fire their boss

Those poorly lead work groups are

50 less productive

44 less profitable

You don t want your leaders and managers to be like those unskilled bosses.

The 5 Steps to Better Leadership training program addresses the critical skills that impact the leader s and the employee s commitment and performance.

The Steps taught in our executive leadership training are specific and are immediately applied. No other management leadership training has comparable measured results a 96 completion rate on identified business and personal leadership objectives.

Source Gallup Study of over 1 million employees

Leadership Training Program Highlights

Leading people managing things the critical difference

Increased productivity through better planning organization

Effective delegation follow up

Much more timely project execution

Staying in focus despite constant interruptions

Improved team communication techniques

Listening techniques that gain respect motivate employees

Mastering the choice challenge

More daily Achievement Enjoyment for the leader team

Executive Leadership Training that is retained

Leadership Training Benefits to Your Organization

  • Measurable increases in individual and team productivity.
  • Better communication, teamwork trust at all levels.
  • A high morale company culture.

Leadership Training Benefits to the Individual

  • More control balance in your work and life.
  • Increased productivity with less stress.
  • More effective communicator delegator.
  • Improved relationships both on and off the job.

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There is a clear ROI from the 5 Steps Training. Turnover is down. Performance is up. It has strengthened our culture of respect and appreciation. It has moved us higher as an employer of choice and strengthened the results in our employee surveys There is a sense of less stress in the organization and people are happier.

VP Fortune 50 Company

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