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Aug 31 2018

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Design Manufacturing

Advancing LED Driver Technology Through Design

We put a strong focus on our design techniques and processes.

Led by ERP Co-Founder and CEO Michael Archer, a renowned leader in power conversion design, our California design and manufacturing facility is home to extensive innovation in the LED driver space.

ERP’s power electronics technology provides a unique combination of high efficiency (low power consumption), high power density (small size) and low component count (low cost).

These features are designed into every ERP product and typically exceed the capabilities of most competitors. In addition to power conversion design, ERP defines and develops custom ICs with ON Semiconductor to support its proprietary resonant converter topology.

ERP’s proprietary resonant technology has been licensed by ON Semiconductor, and Flextronics. These companies utilize ERP’s technology in a variety of products and have shipped tens of millions of products to several Fortune 500 companies.

As ERP’s core technology continues to evolve, each new product generation packs more power capability into a smaller footprint.

As ERP’s core technology continues to evolve, each new product generation packs more power capability into a smaller footprint.

Manufactured for Success

Operations dedicated to advancing LED
driver technology.

We care about making LED drivers that can handle our customer’s diverse needs. We care about maintaining a low field return rate. And we care about advancing LED driver technology to fit the future of the industry. That’s why we own and operate an ISO 9001 certified* manufacturing facility, which is configured for maximum LED driver and high density power supply throughput to ensure quality of design, sourcing, production and testing. Capabilities include:

  • Surface Mount Technology (SMT) and wave-soldering lines
  • Chroma 8000 series ATE stations
  • 100% power-cycled burn-in
  • Continual process improvement through Cpk analysis and statistical process control (SPC) techniques
  • On-going reliability testing (ORT) and accelerated life testing
  • Manufacturing Execution System (MES) providing real-time production tracking
  • MRP system and world-class supply chain management
  • Continuous flow employing visual factory concepts

Since 2008, our Zhuhai facility has shipped more than 12 million units to global customers. Our Zhuhai facility also supports customer service, sales, procurement, engineering, quality and design verification analysis.

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