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Dec 26 2017

Degree Sign Degree Celsius Fahrenheit Symbols

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Degree Sign Symbols

Ashish 2015-06-24 09:43:32

I want to insert diameter symbol in tally plz tell me.

Mike 2015-03-01 04:10:35

For the degrees symbol ,press and hold the Fn and Alt keys and at the same time enter 654654456 . This works beautifully and the numbers are so easy to input and remember. Unfortunately though, I couldn’t get it to work in this Comment.

qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm1234567890 2014-11-06 20:27:43

Does not work. ( But you can always copy and paste from this website!

Taleeb awan 2014-09-14 06:14:42

give me degree on my facebook

Bill 2014-09-13 01:50:51

Sharon, sadly the only available fractions I know of are 1/4 1/2 and 3/4
for the rest you have to type them they way you did and the way I just did..

Sharon 2014-08-31 17:36:51

How do you find 1/8? I’m typing a cookbook and need this amount.

Nelly 2014-08-24 23:20:05

How to make supercript and subcript code

â 2014-08-24 15:09:55

2 ways to type the degree sign
or 0176

Hitesh 2014-07-29 07:36:06

You can also use ALT+7416 FOR Degree symbol

Alex 2014-05-29 20:16:39

If it’s not working, try pressing numlock once. Fixed it for me.

Tim 2014-05-07 12:14:45

how do you make an arrow and a bow symbol

Angela 2014-04-22 11:09:32

For a square root try alt 0178 ( ² ).

Nathan 2014-04-15 12:48:57

Anyone know the code for the square root sign?

collin 2014-04-02 12:15:15

what is code for degrees symbol

alt code lover 2014-03-31 16:58:35

how to make the soviet symbol?

Steve 2014-01-21 07:03:11

Rollins 2014-01-14 15:39:26

Pogi 2014-01-13 12:08:05

yen-yang 2014-01-04 18:04:57

Can you make a yen yang sign and if so how do you make it?

Animal Lover 2014-01-04 17:46:56

What if alt doesn’t work when you are trying to make the degree sign on a document. /

Ben Downe 2013-12-05 12:11:35

square26 Nov 2013 – 20:10:24
how do you make a square?

Simple, you connect 4 lines of equal length forming 90 [alt + 0176] angles going one direction until you get back to the starting point. Hope this helps. (someone wasn’t paying attention in geometry class)

square 2013-11-26 20:10:24

how do you make a square?

Jeff 2013-11-22 13:14:37

You can change your keyboard (at the operating system level). Here’s Windows instructions: Be careful with this; if you change to a weird (weird to you) layout, you may have trouble finding the right keys to switch it back!

nn 2013-11-14 03:30:27

what is the command for making sign of angle in word?

elaine 2013-10-23 23:48:40

what does alt stand for on hp keyboard?

Sean 2013-08-27 21:07:36

For the degree sign – if it is NOT on YOUR keyboard – use either Alt + 248 OR
Alt + 0176.

By the way, Alt + 9 (on the number pad, and typically NOT the numbers on top of the alphabet keys) is in most cases, a different symbol than degree – it is a ‘○’ rather than a ‘°’

manan 2013-08-11 04:44:47

John 2013-07-22 04:59:13

I can’t get the degree sign – goes to e-mail draft save?

Peter 2013-07-21 10:21:28

the easiest way is SHIFT + number9 on azerty keybs(or just number 9 if you got caps lock enabled). the degree sign is available on every keyboard so you dont need no alt code fool. nobody ever searched for the degree sign we all had it. youre the only one whos blind i guess

beljems 2013-06-24 04:45:54

Hey! how can i get the short code for metre square in the keyboard. pls help me. Thank you so much. )

Willis 2013-06-08 11:18:01

Is there a way to assign this symbol to a key on the keybord?

Jim 2013-06-07 16:01:49

ALT 248 is easy to remember because it is a geometric progression. If you’re math minded.

Awesome 2013-05-07 23:48:53

I know how to make a pencil

Anonymous 2013-05-04 23:39:08

It’s a good idea to memorize this.

Dagmar 2013-04-29 08:06:33

Does anyone know the alt code for ue u with an umlaut?

assains creed 2013-03-29 02:07:02 2013-03-22 21:43:59

You can also use insert symbol in MS Word to easily insert one

Tristen Horton 2013-03-15 17:33:26

For those of you that are trying to figure out how to use this, or any other symbol in a document editing program such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher, or even Google Doc(ument)s, there is a tool in each of those programs that allows you to insert almost any special character into the document.
I will give you instructions for Word 2013 (Office 365), the process is generally the same for Word, Excel, and Publisher 2007-2010. In your document, click Insert on the top left, now on the top right there is a button with the OMEGA symbol the says Symbol and has a downward arrow just below it. If you click this button and click More Symbols , you will be given a window that has a list of thousands of symbols. Select the symbol you wish to insert in your document and double-click it – or just click the symbol and click Insert .
Google docs’ method is somewhat different, just play around and i’m sure that you’ll be able to find their method of symbol insertion.

shay 2013-02-19 06:28:18

alt+248 = splendid – nice 1!

Kim L. 2013-01-25 20:15:15

Shift + ^ doesn’t work on a Danish keabord. -(

Scott 2013-01-10 16:58:28

I always used alt+654654456. This is much easier!

DUMBnEASY 2013-01-08 21:07:45

theartistgscott – Thanks for the alternate (ALT 248) Every time I go to ALT+0176 I end up with a Google shortcut!

Ren 2012-12-05 06:37:57

press and hold the function button (fn) then press alt+numbers, that make up the (fn) number pad, hope that helps, I’m not sure how to explain it any better.

Angelika 2012-11-24 15:44:27

If you have a laptop, how do you do these things?

SlyCat 2012-11-06 20:18:39

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