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Aug 21 2017

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All of our attorneys at Clawson and Staubes bring talent and experience to the team. We all share a common goal: to provide unsurpassed service to our clients. Our attorneys are experienced in a wide range of practice areas, including litigation, insurance defense, construction, real estate, probate and estate, premises liability, personal injury, product liability, municipal law, workers compensation, commercial law, bankruptcy, corporate law, immigration, family and criminal defense. In each area of practice, we work hard to achieve positive results for our clients.

Albert A. Lacour, III

Amy M. Snyder

Andrew M. Sullivan

Andy Santaniello

Austin Hood

Barbara M. Seymour

Barrett R. Brewer

Bob Clawson

Bobby D. Sessoms, Jr.

Chris Nickels

Christy Fargnoli

David Cleveland

Douglas B. Thie

E. Dale Lang, Jr.

Elizabeth G. Wilkerson

Jenny L. Barwick

Jescelyn T. Spitz

Jim Atkins

John L. Jay McDonald

Johnny Stewart

Katherine W. Simons

Lauren N. Vriesinga

Leslie B. Boodry

M. Michelle Jones

Matt Story

Michael L. Leech

Patrick Trey Still, III

Patrick Morrissey

Peggy Urbanic

Penn W. Ely

Robert M. Rubin

Ronnie Craig

Ryan L. Bostic

Sam Clawson

Sam Clawson, Jr.

Tim Domin

Trevor Cangelosi

Trey M. Nicolette

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