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Aug 31 2017

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Sales….every organization wants them, tons of them, in fact!

But what good is a sale if the sales agent fails to input the correct information and there is nobody there to catch the mistakes? There s nothing more frustrating than watching sales go down the drain time after time due to a lack of proper data input!

Well, Cloud Marketing, Inc. has your answer—verification!

With CMI, handling your verification needs, we ll ensure that all fields in your sales form are filled out completely correctly including:

  • first and last name
  • address and any apt. numbers, etc
  • city, state, and zip
  • phone number and any secondary numbers, if needed
  • any delivery / installation requests
  • social security numbers
  • credit card numbers
  • other miscellaneous needs

Again, stop throwing sales away—all it does is upset your sales force, you lose money, and you lose customers! Let Cloud Marketing Inc. handle all of your verification needs today and watch your bottom line grow!

Quality Assurance

Securing orders for your product or service is only part of the package that we offer to all of our clients—we go the extra mile with our unique hiring of our workforce (place a link here to Workforce) and to make sure that they’re performing as promised, we have our own Quality Assurance department that holds them all accountable to our high standards.

Through our QA process, we do the following:

  • record every phone call—inbound and outbound
  • monitor live calls in order to assist the CSR or customer as needed
  • record every verification call
  • monitor verification calls for your protection

We use all of the information we gather from these calls to train and retrain our workforce—this is one of our most valuable tools available to you…and us! We can then, if needed, retool our initial retaining program to troubleshoot any issues we uncovered…so you and your customers are always satisfied!

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