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Jan 6 2018

Civilian Job Classifications – Los Angeles Police Department, how to become a criminalist.#How #to #become


Civilian Job Classifications

0020 Member Police Permit Review Panel

0600 Executive Director Police Commission

0601 Inspector General

1117-2 Executive Secretary II

1117-3 Executive Secretary III

1121-1 Delivery Driver

1136-1 Data Processing Technician I

1143N Senior Clerk

1152-2 Principal Clerk Police II

1152-2N Principal Clerk Police II

1152-3N Principal Clerk Police III

1157-1 Fingerprint Identification Expert I

1157-1N Fingerprint Identification Expert I

1157-2 Fingerprint Identification Expert II

1157-2 Fingerprint Identification Expert II

1157-2N Fingerprint Identification Expert II

1157-3 Fingerprint Identification Expert III

1157-3N Fingerprint Identification Expert III

1158-1N Principal Fingerprint Identification Expert I

1158–1N Principal Fingerprint Identification Expert II

1170-1 Payroll Supervisor I

1170-2 Payroll Supervisor II

1223-1 Accounting Clerk I

1223-2 Accounting Clerk II

1249-2 Chief Clerk Police II

1321N Clerk Stenographer

1323N Senior Clerk Stenographer

1326 Hearing Reporter

1326N Hearing Reporter

1358 Clerk Typist

1358N Clerk Typist

1368 Senior Clerk Typist

1368N Senior Clerk Typist

1433-2 Data Entry Operator II

1502 Student Professional Worker (1/2 time)

1508 Management Aide

1513-1 Accountant I

1513-2 Accountant II

1518 Senior Auditor

1523-1 Senior Accountant I

1523-2 Senior Accountant II

1555-1 Fiscal Systems Specialist I

1593-1 Departmental Chief Accountant I

1596-1 Systems Analyst I

1596-2 Systems Analyst II

1597-1 Senior Systems Analyst I

1597-2 Senior Systems Analyst II

1599N Systems Aide

1650 Police Composite Artist

1670-1 Graphics Designer I

1670-2 Graphics Designer II

1714-4 Departmental Personnel Officer IV

1779-1 Operations and Statistical Research Analyst I

1785-1 Public Relations Specialist I

1785-2 Public Relations Specialist II

1786 Principal Public Relations Specialist

1793-1N Photographer I

1793-2 Photographer II

1794 Principal Photographer

1795-1 Senior Photographer I

1800-2 Public Information Director

1832-1 Warehouse and Toolroom Worker I

1835-1 Storekeeper I

1835-2 Storekeeper II

1837-1 Senior Storekeeper I

1839-1 Principal Storekeeper I

1866 Stores Supervisor

2200-2 Forensic Print Specialist II

2200-3N Forensic Print Specialist III

2201 Senior Forensic Print Specialist

2203 Principal Forensic Print Specialist

2207 Police Service Representative

2209-1 Senior Police Service Representative

2209-2 Senior Police Service Representative II

2234-2 Criminalist II

2234-3 Criminalist III

2235 Supervising Criminalist

2237-1 Chief Forensic Chemist I

2237-2 Chief Forensic Chemist II

2240-1 Polygraph Examiner I

2240-2 Polygraph Examiner II

2240-3 Polygraph Examiner III

2352 Equestrian Facility Supervisor

2382-1 Police Psychologist I (Half time)

2382-1 Police Psychologist I

2382-2 Police Psychologist II

2383 Police Training Administrator

2384 Director of organizational Development

3112 Maintenance Laborer

3115 Maintenance and Construction Helper

3141 Gardener Caretaker

3143 Senior Gardner

3145 Park Maintenance Supervisor

3156 Custodial Services Attendant

3157–2N Senior Custodial Services Attendant II

3162-1 Reprographics Operator I

3181 Security Officer

3184 Senior Security Officer

3191-1N Laundry Worker I

3207 Property Officer

3209 Senior Property Officer

3210 Principal Property Officer

3211 Detention Officer

3212 Senior Detention Officer

3215 Principal Detention Officer

3229-2 Examiner of Questioned Documents II

3231 Senior Examiner of Questioned Documents

3333 Building Repairer

3338 Building Repair Supervisor

3343 Cabinet Maker

3531 Garage Attendant

3533 Senior Garage Attendant

3583 Truck Operator

3595-1N Automotive Dispatcher I

3595-2 Automotive Dispatcher II

3686 Communications Electrician

3689 Communications Electrician Supervisor

3704-5 Auto Body Builder and Repairer

3706-1F Auto Body Repair Supervisor

3706-2 Auto Body Repair Supervisor II

3711-5 Equipment Mechanic

3712-5 Senior Equipment Mechanic

3714 Automotive Supervisor

3716 Senior Automotive Supervisor

3718 General Automotive Supervisor

3721-5 Auto Painter

3722-1 Director Police Transportation I

3722-2 Director Police Transportation II

3771N Mechanical Helper

3773-1 Mechanical Repairer I

3799 Electrical Craft helper

4310 Animal Care Technician

6147 Audio Visual Technician

7214-1 Geographic Information Systems Supervisor I

7608 Communications Engineering Associate

7610 Communications Engineer

7854-1 Laboratory Technician I

7922 Architectural Drafting Technician

9171-1 Senior Management Analyst I

9171-2 Senior Management Analyst II

9182 Chief Management Analyst

9183 Police Administrator

9184-1 Management Analyst I

9184-2 Management Analyst II

9374 Chief Information Officer

9375 Director of Systems

9734-1 Commission Executive Assistant I

9734-1 Commission Executive Assistant II

How to become a criminalist

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