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Jun 12 2017

Positive Psychology – Science of Happiness – 7 Habits of Happy People #positive #psychology #degree

# Positive Psychology and the Science of Happiness On the internet and in bookstores, a thousand gurus tout different remedies for human misery. How can we find out which remedies work? We need to consult one of our greatest gurus, the scientific method. Recently we have seen a dramatic upsurge in scientific studies on Positive Psychology and the science of happiness or to put it simply, discovering what makes happy people happy. Fortunately, many of these studies point to specific ways of thinking and acting that can strongly impact our sense of well-being and happiness. The resulting discoveries are enriching …

Jun 12 2017

Auto AC Repair San Antonio #ac #repair #san #antonio #tx

# D D Auto Air provides auto AC repair in San Antonio We service and repair most makes and models of automotive air conditioning systems. Whether you have a GM, Ford, Dodge, Chrysler or any type of foreign car, our ASE Certified Professionals are here to help. We use only new parts. Rebuilt parts may be installed by customer request only. Parts and labor have an industry standard warranty. Most repairs can be completed in one working day. Bus parts are in stock or we can find what you need From blower motors and resisters to compressors, hoses, fittings, filters …

Jun 12 2017

Catholic theology owes John Noonan a debt of gratitude #catholic #theology #degree #online

# Catholic theology owes John Noonan a debt of gratitude The opening sentence of The New York Times’ obituary of Judge John Noonan provides an excellent illustration of what a topic sentence should be. “John T. Noonan Jr. a federal judge and polymath who defied ideological pigeonholing on profound issues like assisted suicide, the death penalty, civil liberties and illegal immigration” died on April 17 at age 90. As a judge on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals for 30 years, Noonan wrote 10,080 opinions. As a polymath, his primary area of academic interest was history, but his subjects included …

Jun 12 2017

7 Ways to Earn College Credit That Don’t Include Traditional Online Courses #earn #college #credits

# Did you know that in just last year alone, TESU students received 273,753 credits toward their degrees that didn’t involve a single traditional online course? That’s more than enough credits for a lifetime, for 1,000 lifetimes. Suddenly, fulfilling 120 credits for a bachelor’s degree seems doable. The truth is, almost 85 percent of the TESU student body is 25 or older, and so it makes sense that you may have acquired college-level knowledge outside of the classroom that might be worth college credit. Prior learning assessment (PLA) is a selection of credit earning methods that allows you to leverage …

Jun 11 2017

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