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Jan 31 2018

Alcohol and drug counselor

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Compliant With Tap 21 Counselor Training Guidelines

ACADCI College of Addiction Biblical Studies offers tracks to Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral programs in Addiction Biblical Studies with professional tracks, and is an educational provider for the Breining Institute and for CCAPP, to prepare you in becoming Substance Abuse Counselor, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor – Working in partnership with other Certifying Organizations, ACADCI offers Dual Certificates that qualify in both Faith-Based Substance Abuse and Addiction Counselor Competencies as well as SAMHSA TAP 21 Counselor Competencies – ACADC is also an Education Provider (#705) for National Association for Addiction Professionals, NAADAC.


  • Complete The Education Requirement For State Certified Substance Abuse Addiction Counselor In As Little As 6 Months
  • Complete Our Christ-centered College Program In 52 Weeks Leading To Our Bachelor Of Biblical Addictions Counseling And CDAAC Certificate

How Do Faith-based Recovery Outcomes Compare With Disease Model Recovery Outcomes?

Mission Resources overview

To teach evidence-based Truth about what brings about the highest recovery outcomes. To train and equip counselors and addiction professionals with time-tested knowledge,attitudes and skills proven to overcome addictions and change lives.

  • Please Contact ACADC Online Administrator

    Tel: (877) 478-5756

    • (877) 478-5756

    • CALL TODAY (877) 478-5756

    • According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS):
      “Overall Substance Abuse and Addiction counselor employment is expected to grow faster than the average for all occupations.

      We aim to provide students with an excellent education

      For counselors who desire to understand addiction counseling from a biblically consistent worldview


      The Association of Christian Alcohol Drug Counselors has made available Chaplain Ordination training for anyone who is called to minister to prisoners or anyone in need of recovery. This chaplaincy can take place in a variety of settings in which the need for ministry is growing. The times in which we now live call for Chaplains who are deeply conversant with biblical truth, motivated by God’s love and a strong desire to impart God’s life principles, promises, hope and new life to an ever increasing population in need.

      Two certificates are offered:

      • Licensed Chaplain
      • Licensed Clinical Chaplain

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