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Jun 25 2017

10 Unusual Domain Name Search Tools to Find Hot Domains #advanced #domain #name #search


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Do you spend a lot of time conducting a domain name search for your spanking new idea for a website? Or does the domain name come to you like a Eureka moment in the shower? Either way, you are off to a good start.

Why is choosing a good domain name important?

Choosing a good domain name starts with memory and ends with search engine optimization; somewhere in between lies branding. Take your most favored sites I bet most of them have easy-to-remember names. Most of them also can be easily typed into the address bar with less chances of a typo. Good domain names are also unique and descriptive. Great domain names, of course, become brands of their own.

So, how do you choose domain names?

When picking domain names, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is critically important. It is a detailed topic; let s just say that a fitting domain name is the first green light for visitor traffic.

Let s start by brainstorming on paper. But if your brain is not shifting gears, there are a host of domain name search websites that can help to crank it up. I am not suggesting that you rely on them, but domain name generators take your keywords and can come up with unique word combinations that you wouldn t have thought about. A lot of them also allow you to lookup the names with the Domain Registrars to see if they are available.

A single domain name search website can give you lots of word combinations to play around with. Let me give you a few more to keep you occupied till you get the right domain name.

NXdom has indexed millions of DNS records of expired and unused domain names. You can search by prefix and suffix, and sort the results by length, readability, and popularity. The advanced options help you refine the results by giving you five more criteria to filter the results.

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Nameboy is a popular domain name search tool that bases its results on a primary word and a secondary word. Nameboy says that its intelligent engine creates name variations from the sound and meaning of the keyword. The feature that I like is that it immediately color codes the results depending on the availability status of the domain name.

Namestation comes with a slick interface. With just a few clicks you can enter your suggested keywords and combine them with prefixes and suffixes. Set a minimum and maximum word length and get your domain name results. The application also lets you combine keywords with hundreds of categorized wordlists for a search engine friendly domain name.

123finder gives you four variations of for domain name discovery. The applications are pretty self explanatory Simple Domain Search, Advanced Domain Search, Instant Domain Search. and Keywords from URL. The Keywords from URL tool extracts registered and available domain names from a given URL.

Domize has a Power Search feature which can search a large combination of terms by entering a comma-separated list of words, letters or numbers. As special functions, it can also list out synonyms or derivatives of a supplied word based on a misspelling. Other functions include listing out words that rhyme with the one you enter. In short, the Power Search feature set gives you many options to play around with a word and whatever can be derived from it.

Fill in a keyword and mix it with other word lists to get a combo domain name. You can decide on starting string of characters and also on an ending one. Also, you can set the position of your keyword relative to the chosen group of common words.

Wordoid has a unique way of generating name ideas. Firstly, it can make up words that sound natural, almost natural or hardly natural. Secondly, it can do that in five languages English, Spanish, French, German and Italian. You can also optionally put your own word somewhere in the Wordoid and limit the unique name to a set number of characters.

PCNames is a site which is being updated again after a period of dormancy. It has an AJAX based search engine that displays search results as you type. But what are worth keeping an eye on are the domain tools that you can access from the Tools link at the bottom. As soon as the site gets updated, the tools can be quite handy.

Domain Pigeon is a name index which lists available domain and Twitter names which you can register if they are available. You can apply some sorting options like dates and popularity. Domain Pigeon lists only .com names.

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Though this site will help you less with a cool name, Domain Tools is a collection of useful tools and domain related search engines that will help you find information behind certain domain names. They have a Whois search that reveals records about the party who registered the domain, a Suggestions search to help you find similar domain names, and a Domain Search which shows you what TLDs of a domain name are available.

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These ten picks are certainly not that s all out there. They are just the proverbial tip of the domain name searching iceberg. A few more that we have covered before:

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Did these websites help you get around through the domain naming brainstorming sessions? Let us know if you got your cool n hot domain name you wouldn t have thought up with the pen and paper way.


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